Learn more about your role as a participant.


What is Foundler?

Foundler hosts online hackathons. These are weekend long events which aim to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary support and resources they require to create and launch a successful startup. Once registered, participants are placed into an online team with three others and given access to a variety of resources such as Slack, Skype and a mentor who is available to assist them throughout the event. From here, they have just 48 hours to pitch an idea, collaborate, build and launch, before their idea is presented to a panel of guest judges.

As Foundler weekends are hosted online, no travel to a location or meetup is necessary to attend. Eliminating this factor allows for anyone, from anywhere in the world to pitch, create and share their ideas.


Is this for me?

If you are interested in entrepreneurship the answer will probably be yes. Foundler strives to provide anyone, at any skill level, with the support and resources they require to succeed. Whether you’ve participated in similar events before or have never even heard the phrase hackathon – we’re sure you’ll make an awesome participant.


Do I need anything to participate?

Although not required, a Twitter, Facebook or Slack account is super helpful to have when participating and is an easy way of boosting your team’s efficiency and productivity. All of these platforms are free to use and readily available for you to access throughout the weekend.


How do I register?

Registration is done via the Weekends page, which can be accessed by navigating to the appropriate tab at the top of the website. Every week, a corresponding weekend will be posted on this page, accompanied by important information and registration details, such as cost and sponsors. Registrations will remain open until the following Thursday, before participants are placed into teams and the weekend commences.


How is my team formed?

Team forming begins after registrations close. Participants are manually matched with three others based on factors such as skills, location and language. This process is done in order to make teams as balanced and collaborative as possible. Time zones play a large part in forming these teams and we ensure team members compliment each other in a variety of ways. If you have any issues regarding your team, feel free to share this information with your mentor.


How do I collaborate with my team?

Upon creation, team members are provided with one-another’s contact information, such as email addresses, Skype usernames and Twitter handles. A private Slack channel and .co domain name can also be provided on request. It is your job as a team to utilise this information in the most efficient way possible, creating a contact and collaboration system that works for you.


What happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

  • Friday: Beginning Friday (12PM UTC), participants will begin networking and introductions. A short brief will be given to teams, before allowing them time to collaborate and form an idea. Teams who wish to pitch ideas and gain feedback from other teams can do so, otherwise the days’ remaining time can be spent however teams feel necessary.
  • Saturday: Teams will work uninterrupted all day, however may tune in to multiple talks, discussions and interviews that will occur at various times, live, via Skype. Mentors and support staff will be online to provide assistance if required.
  • Sunday: Teams will continue working until the late afternoon, before finishing at approximately 3-4PM. After submitting their idea, they will have five minutes to pitch it to both the judges and their fellow teams. The pitching process can be done in whatever way, shape or form the team wish. Skype, Slack, email or Google Drive are all platforms that can be used to pitch from. After every team has completed their pitch, the judges will announce a winner, and distribute prizes (if applicable), before the event ends.


What happens once the event ends?

Where you go from there is up to you. Hundreds of successful startups have originated from various hackathon events all over the world and over 25% of all teams continue to work together on their original ideas.  Didn’t collaborate with your team well last weekend? Foundler weekends occur weekly, so participating again is always an option


Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

We’d love to help you. You can get in touch with us on Twitter, or email us – Live chat support is also available by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.